Decorating with Color by Shannon Kaye

Tired of playing it safe with color?  

The moment I handed my painter the color chart for this powder room, he told me and my client, ‘there must be a mistake, cabinets are always white!’.

My client had confidence in the plan, so we stayed the course and she and her guests still enjoy this room saturated in a rich color and dramatic design.

Need helping breaking with tradition in your house? Here are a few things you can do:

1. Paint your moulding to define your space strategically. Consider painting architectural elements to match your walls for a clean confident look, or for great entertaining, use a gorgeous paint color only for the elements that will add direction and flow through your house. In this we did both.        

2. Whether you have low or vaulted ceilings, this ‘wall’ is your best opportunity to create ambiance and style for your room. Paint it to match the walls for a clean canvas to decorate as you wish. Or choose a spacious atmosphere color to give your space a more roomy feel. Of course, you can always add drama with wallpaper, a bold paint color, or unique design.                              

3. Adding contrast brings life and personality to your home. No matter how neutral or monochromatic (using variations of one color) you want your home to look, you must add contrast in terms of color, texture, and scale to a space to make it feel polished and inviting. Consider a bright color sofa against a white wall, or big artwork with complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) to the wall.

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