Wartime Quilts from American Folk Art Museum NY

With their pulsating squares, diamonds and triangles of color, these works attest to the expansiveness of geometry, as well as its use in flags, banners and coats of arms. The unusual quatrefoil motifs of some individual quilt blocks are based on the four-pronged footprint of battlements known as star forts.

Interspersed among their patterned borders and fields are beaded crowns, embroidered portraits of monarchs, and dedications to siblings. A quilt made by Samuel Sadlowski, a tailor in the Prussian Army taken prisoner during the Napoleonic Wars, is dated 1806; it includes among its many fort blocks, a lovely pastoral frieze in appliqué illustrating the folk tale of a goose-stealing fox pursued by a hunter. In a quilt from 1766, the central medallion features profile portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte of Britain, but perhaps most riveting is the thick border distinguished by large appliqué blocks with propeller-like designs.

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