Sunlit Boulders- a work in progress

Sunlit Boulders

Sunlit Boulders is an art quilt with curved line piecing, Scribble Quilting and couched decorative yarns and threads. My first intention was  to highlight the Native American batik shown on the left on the first photo. As I chose different fabrics, I decided that I would minimize their use. When I removed more of that fabric, I was happier with the way it looked. It’s okay to change ideas in midproject if it doesn’t look or feel right to you.


Photo 1

Photo 1 I am auditioning fabrics that complement and contrast with the batik fabric. Using  strips of fabric, I couch(zigzag) a variety of decorative threads and yarns to the strips. I cut the strips apart into varying lengths without much forethought.

Photo 2

Photo 2  I am still auditioning fabric. Some pieced strips are left over from a previous project. Notice that the reddish fabrics will be eliminated.


Photo 3

Photo 3  I start to cut up the strips of couched yarns to add to the quilt. I am trying out where I like the pieces, moving them around. Dark strips frame the piece. Some pieces are beginning to be sewn together. Figures from the batik stand out enough.

photo 4

Photo 4 Tucks are added to some pieces to add texture. Notice that some pieces have been moved around. More small pieces are being sewn together.

photo 5

Photo 5 I am not afraid to cut up fabric. I can always use the fabric at a later date for a different project. More tucks are added to fabrics. Some batiks symbols have been eliminated.

Photo 6


Photo 6 All pieced together and ready for batting and backing.

Photo 7

Photo 7  Scribble Quilting is complete. Edges need to be trimmed and cut straight.

Photo 8

Photo 8 The finished art quilt represents my mantra of color, texture, and movement.