Abstract Art Quilts- a work in progress


Color! Movement! Texture! are my main goals for my abstract art quilts. Color is where I begin. What colors do I want to work with? I found a piece of linen at Fabmo, a nonprofit that redirects materials from the San Francisco Design Center. I really liked the variety of colors in this one piece. This became my  inspiration, find other fabrics and textures with the same colors for my abstract piece.
Oddly enough, several years ago four quilter friends and I  were having trouble choosing colors for a donation quilt we wanted to create together. One friend suggested that we find a fabric and choose the colors from that fabric. At the time I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what she was saying. However, when I saw this multicolored linen and got inspired, I immediately understood what she had been trying to have us do.

Once I have chosen a color or two,this is  when the fun begins. I go through my fabrics to find additional fabrics. At this step, I don’t reject much.

photo 2  Here are the fabrics I chose from my stash.
photo 3 I couched (zigzagged) decorative yarn on contrasting fabric. I matched the color of the thread to the color of the yarn to make the yarn stand out. Then I cut up the strips and use them as fabric.
photo 4 I place small pieces of fabric on my design wall. I move them around before sewing them together.
photo 5 A detail of the pieces sewn together
photo 6 Another detail of the pieces sewn together
photo 7 Another detail of the pieces sewn together
photo 8 Here is the finished quilt, Spring Break.



For more information on couching threads refer to my previous post.https://www.annbaldwinmayartquilts.com/2017/06/couching-threads…d-creating-fabri/