Scribble Quilting

Scribble Quilting is a colorful, artful and an interesting way for me  to quilt.   The quilting thread lines cross each other; creating positive and negative space.  The actual sewing lines are the positive space, and the negative spaces are the shapes created by the lines.  Lines undulate, curve and wave.  Do the lines you’ve made draw your eye and keep your interest?

Like many great ideas, Scribble Quilting was discovered by accident.  I was making a baby quilt and decided to quilt curvy lines with my walking foot instead of straight ones.  I used one of the built-in stitches on my sewing machine which made regular, gentle curves.  Soon, I wanted to make the curves wider.  Switching back to my usual straight stitch, I began gently moving the quilt from side to side by hand to make wider curves than my built-in stitch had allowed.   It was fun, and the lines looked more interesting.  I kept quilting, experimenting with contrasting thread colors, and finished many of my art quilts this way.

I called this technique Scribble Quilting because, during my thirty-eight years of teaching, I noticed that some students showed their frustration with what they considered unsuccessful art projects by scribbling all over them with four or five different crayons or pens.  It always caught my attention; to me, it looked like a party with confetti falling all over.  As I quilted my pieces, drawing lines with multiple colors and crossing over them repeatedly, it reminded me of scribbling.

Next post, more on the process of Scribble Quilting including photos.